Today is Diabetes Australia’s National Walk to Work Day, which aims to promote regular walking as a healthy activity that helps to better individual’s physical, mental and social health.

The benefits of encouraging employees to lead healthy lifestyles are twofold. Not only will employee’s health directly benefit, but employer’s bottom line will benefit too.

Employees with poor overall health status take up to 9 times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues. Further to this, the financial cost of poor health and wellbeing is estimated at over $7 billion per year, nationally.

Given that healthy employees are found to be nearly 3 times more productive than employees with poor health, encouraging your employees to stay active and healthy will among other things drive productivity benefits for your business.

Engaging with employees about what sorts of wellbeing initiatives or programs they may like to be involved in will also help to increase team cohesiveness and engagement. There are many options available, from starting an office social sports team to simply encouraging employees to take lunch breaks outside. Promoting health and wellbeing within the workplace is an important long-term tool for boosting productivity within your workplace.

For more information on Walk to Work Day you can visit Diabetes Australia’s campaign website:

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