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How HR Assured helps Australian businesses

At HR Assured we use a holistic approach in helping our clients implement workplace practices and processes that get the most out of their people while maintaining industry best-practice standards.

We value two core objectives of our business above all others:

– Providing our clients with the highest-quality workplace solution on the market, backed up by outstanding customer service

– Innovative thinking about workplace relations issues (specifically, how to ensure businesses run more smoothly and efficiently).

We know that developing, implementing and enforcing appropriate human resources policies, procedures and training can be a difficult and even confusing process. In addition, we believe that it is vital for human resources and workforce management policy and practice to cater to ‘the way we work today’, as well as to anticipate future demands on employers.

Would you like to join our Referral Program?

Do you know a business that needs help with its workplace relations?

Most Australian businesses find human resources management a hassle because it is both complicated and time-consuming, especially as they would prefer to be concentrating on growing their customer or client base.

At HR Assured, we help businesses manage their people as efficiently as possible. We are especially keen to hear about any business that is currently grappling with a particular employment law issue or struggling to become compliant with Australia’s complex workplace relations laws.

How do we reward you?

We are always happy to help another business with their people needs. To convey our thanks for the referral, HR Assured would seek to recognise your contribution through a one off incentive payment.

Do you want to formalise your relationship with HR Assured by joining our Business Partner Program?

Are you a professional service provider, such as an accountant or tax agent, whose clients need assistance with workplace relations issues?

At HR Assured, we offer a Business Partner Program, which enables you to upgrade the services you provide your clients by adding workplace relations assistance to your portfolio.

How will partnering with HR Assured help you?

Partnering with HR Assured helps your business by adding another string to your bow. It will enable you to stand out from your competitors by helping your clients get on top of their workplace relations issues.

How will partnering with HR Assured help your clients?

Through you, your clients will have access to a range of workplace relations resources that will keep them informed and, if they decide to join the HR Assured family, make them more efficient and minimise the chances of things going wrong for them in the future.

How does the HR Assured Business Partner Program work?

We keep both you and your clients informed about workplace relations issues

We give you access to a suite of educational resources (including our newsletters and alerts, as well as complimentary access to HR Assured events, seminars, webinars and briefings) that keep you informed about workplace relations issues.

We give you the tools to detect whether your clients have a workplace relations problem

We enable you to broaden the services you offer your clients, by giving you the tools to detect whether your clients have human resources issues that need urgent attention.

If your clients need assistance, we give you immediate access to expert advice

We give you access to our Telephone Advisory Service. This means that if you are in a meeting with a client and they have a workplace relations question, you can call us and immediately access expert advice. This is a chance for your clients to see the value of the service you are providing, as well as how they would benefit from joining the HR Assured family.

How we thank our HR Assured partners

If you become one of our partners and you successfully refer a client to us, we will show our appreciation by proving you with financial recognition.

If would like to join our Referral Program or Business Partner Program, please contact Alistair McDonald, Head of Business Development & Marketing, on +61 2 9922 5188 to have a confidential discussion about how we can add value to your business. For further information you can download our Partner Brochure here.

Partner Brochure