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How important are people to HR Assured?

It won’t surprise you to hear that we believe our most important asset is our people.

As a result, our parent company, FCB Group, has spent years building a highly qualified and experienced team of workplace relations advisors to assist you in managing your workplace relations.

Our specialists have exactly the right mix of technical expertise and commercial pragmatism. They are able to help businesses implement sustainable workforce management practices, rather than simply deliver one-off pieces of advice. In short, they are strategic thinkers.

We also make sure we hire the kind of people who are great at working in a team, because that ensures you (the client) get the best possible service from us.

In addition, we place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that our employees are constantly growing and improving as professionals. We also believe that they need to be strong communicators. Since workplace relations is such a complex area, it is vital that our people not only have a detailed knowledge of the area but can explain it clearly and succinctly. This means we provide both professional development training and educational opportunities to our staff.

How do we do this?

All our staff attend a fortnightly training session, and we also regularly bring in external presenters who we feel can add to our individual and collective knowledge of workplace relations. In addition, each business unit holds fortnightly team meetings, which contain a professional development component. Quite often, we send our employees to conferences, where they not only seem to have a good time but from which they return with great ideas about how HR Assured can ensure it delivers even smarter workplace solutions.


Campbell Fisher

Managing Director

Nick Tindley

Executive Manager – HR Consulting & Advisory Services

Wes O’Donnell

National Workplace Relations Manager

Alistair McDonald

Head of Business Development and Marketing

Renee Makoni

Head of Client Services