Campbell Fisher

Managing Director

Campbell Fisher is the Managing Director of HR Assured. He is also Managing Partner and Solicitor Director of our parent company, FCB Group. He is the only Solicitor who is accredited as a Specialist in Employment and Industrial Law in both New South Wales and Victoria.

With an undergraduate degree in finance, Campbell began his career as an HR Officer at BHP Steel. At that point, he realised workplace relations was his passion and took up a position as an Industrial Relations Manager for the New South Wales Business Chamber. During this time, he commenced his studies in law.

‘There were three of us behind the establishment of FCB Group. One of us had experience with the union movement and the other two had worked for employment organisations. The idea behind FCB was a novel one at the time. We thought we should come together in the private sector to work towards better outcomes for both employers and employees, by offering both workplace relations consulting and legal advice.’

At FCB Group, Campbell provides his clients with high-level strategic advice across the full range of employment and industrial relations law. Over the years, he has assisted many leading Australian and international organisations in successfully managing major industrial change, while ensuring legal compliance and the implementation of best-practice human resources management.

Campbell is also an experienced advocate and litigator. He has extensive experience advising on:

  • Change management strategies
  • Employee relations strategies
  • Executive terminations and unfair contracts
  • Industrial disputes
  • Workplace, health and safety.

‘At HR Assured, my role as Managing Director is to oversee our business strategy. I am also responsible for ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service. I am very aware that we must ensure the quality of the advice that FCB Group has delivered to its clients over the past twenty years is reflected in the service that HR Assured provides to its clients.’

Over the years, Campbell has developed a formidable reputation as a workplace relations strategist and legal advisor. His advice to clients is always underpinned by his deep understanding of the commercial realities under which they are operating. His skills in this area were fine-tuned during the five years he spent as a Director of the Chandler McLeod Group, a national human resources and staffing company.

‘We set up HR Assured because we could see that it was time for law firms to come up with new and more cost-effective ways of servicing their clients. I find it extraordinary that such a large section of the legal profession in Australia is so resistant to change, even when their clients are demanding it. I suppose you could say that FCB Group has always thought outside the square, and HR Assured is very much an example of the innovative way we have tried to approach a very practical problem, as well as help our clients.

‘I am excited by the model behind HR Assured because it enables clients not only to control risk but to become compliant, as well as achieving best-practice standards, without having to retain an expensive team of lawyers. In addition, our clients can sleep easy if something does go wrong because the HR Assured package provides them with insurance, as well as access to expert legal advice through FCB Workplace Law. Most importantly, we offer this whole suite of services very cost-effectively. All in all, I have to say that this something that gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction because it is nice to know you can offer clients such a terrific product that represents real value for money.’

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