At HR Assured, we know that it isn’t our sole job to provide you with the smartest workplace solution on the market. We are also aware that it is vital for you to keep up to date with changes to the legislative framework that regulates workplace relations in Australia.

Why should you attend an HR Assured event?

Since we see one of our key roles as providing the knowledge you need to build a compliant and streamlined workplace environment, in conjunction with the HR Assured  suite of services (Audit, HRA Cloud, Telephone Advisory Service and Insurance and Representation), we regularly run workshops, seminars and webinars on workplace relations law, human resources management and work health and safety. Our presenters are experts in the field and highly regarded not only for the quality of their content but for their commercial incisiveness and pragmatism.

What is on next at HR Assured?

Please find our upcoming events listed below. At these, we will provide you with some of the basic tools you can use to navigate your business through the complexities of the Australian workplace relations environment. At the end of each of our events, we always run a Q&A session, which is your chance to ask us questions about any workplace relations issues that may be affecting your business.

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