Today’s candidate experience is a disgrace. From false advertising, rude interviewers, degrading interview processes and broken promises, job seekers tell all in the 2016 National Job Seeker Report.

Find out what job seekers really think of your employer brand and why you need to care.

Join our HR Assured partners, Workible, on Wednesday 25 May as Fiona and Alli share the results of the national survey and provide a practical framework to rise above what’s become the appalling norm to gain the competitive edge you need to attract talent and earn a reputation as an Employer of Choice.

Places are limited so register your place here.

We are delighted to have Workible on board as an HR Assured partner to bring our shared experience together to help employers manage their people throughout the entire employment life cycle.

About Workible

Workible’s no-fuss Hiring Solutions make it easy to find the right people for your business quickly while delivering a consumer-quality candidate experience – every time.

Instead of posting a job ad and hoping that the perfect person applies, Workible instantly connects you to the most relevant and available job seekers.

Then, rather than having to sort through an avalanche of applications to find the best candidates, Workible’s unique ranking algorithm orders your applications according to your preferred criteria so you always see the candidates who best fit your needs at the top of the list.

This world-class data matching not only dramatically reduces the time and money you spend on recruitment, but it also means Workible is able to provide every applicant with personalised feedback so next time you need to hire, the pool of candidates you tap into is better qualified for your roles.

One of Australia’s leading HR Technology providers, Workible powers the largest network of connected job platforms in the country, including their own online employment marketplace WorkibleJOBS and attracts over 7.5 million monthly views.

Organisations using Workible include national and global brands across a large number of industry sectors as well as thousands of small to medium sized businesses. Their impressive client list includes household names such as Dymocks, Max Brenner and Chandler Macleod.

For more information about Workible, visit their website. If would like to join our Referral Program or Business Partner Program, please contact Alistair McDonald, Head of Business Development & Marketing, on +61 2 9922 5188 to discuss how we can work together.