Meet the Team: 5 mins with Jackie Jumonong, Client Experience Officer

Jackie Jumonong is our wonderful Client Experience Officer and resident Webinar Guru. Having used HRA Cloud for 2 years at her previous company, Jackie has a comprehensive understanding of the platform both as a user and an HR Assured employee.

With over 6 years working in customer service, helping clients solve problems and enhancing their experience is her passion. Jackie has big plans to expand our library of webinars and training videos so clients can get the most out of our platform.

Read below to find out a little more about the charming voice behind our webinars!

1. What is the last book you read/movie you saw?
First they killed my father. A movie in Netflix! Read the book years ago, and after watching the movie, I’m tempted to re-read the book!

2. Who is your favourite band or artist?
Aaliyah – An American singer who unfortunately passed away in 2001. I can listen to all her songs on repeat and never get sick of it.

3. If you were stuck on a desert island and you can only choose one person to be stuck with, who would that be and why?
Surprisingly this wasn’t too hard to think of… I decided to steer away from people I know and immediately thought of Bruno Mars. I’m a sucker for men with good vocal cords.

4. What would you cook if you were going to have the Queen over for dinner?
If only I could cook…. I do make a mean Mango Float though! Hopefully she likes take-out?

5. What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?
“Slow down, be you, focus on now and not too much on the future. Don’t forget to look after yourself first and just be 16!”

And…. “learn how to cook, you never know, you might need to cook dinner for the Queen one day”

6. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?
I would faint first. Wake up, run around like a headless chook from excitement and possibly faint again –

I never win anything! I would then buy a house, give back to my Parents, travel around the world and buy a lifetime supply of Kinder Surprise Buenos…. and then possibly a gym membership.

7. What is something you think everyone should do once in their life?
SNOWBOARDING! I am absolutely obsessed with snowboarding at the moment. It’s something I’ve never imagined myself doing but now I wish I started earlier! I’d also recommend doing the Heli-Glacier Hike at Franz Josef, NZ. It’s expected to be melted in a 100 years’ time, so it’s possible that my (future) great-grandkids won’t have the chance to see a glacier. But they’ll have pictures of their great-grandmother on one!

8. What’s the strangest call you have every received on the HR Assured Client Experience line?
Answering a call to a lady who wants to activate her bank card. She was unable to hear me well nor understand that she has the wrong number. After answering her call a couple of times, I decided to search up the bank company’s contact number and transferred her through.

9. If you had a time machine, who would you go back to visit and why?
I would go back to moment I got this scar on my forehead. Apparently, I was around 6 years old. It’s a mystery how I got it so finding out who to blame would be awesome

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
The screeching sound of a fork scratching against a plate. The thought of it makes me cringe!

11. What do you like most about working at HR Assured?
The people here. Everyone is interesting in their own way. We all work so well together, have the best conversations and laugh every day! Never a dull moment!