Nick Tindley

Head of Workplace Relations and Advisory

Nick Tindley is the Head of Workplace Relations and Advisory at both HR Assured and our parent company, FCB Group.

Nick began his career in workplace relations when he was a law student at QUT, working at the Young Workers Advisory Service in Brisbane. From there, he moved into a workplace relations role at the National Retail Association (NRA). Within three years, he was Director of the NRA’s Employment Law Division.

‘During my time at the NRA, I assisted a range of companies, such as Myer and Foot Locker, prepare for the recent changes in workplace legislation and the impact of the modern awards. My work involved developing short- and long-term strategies to minimise the impact of these changes.’

Since joining FCB Group, Nick has been managing the employment relations telephone advisory services for the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), Recruitment & Consulting Services Australia (RCSA) and the Victorian Association for Newsagents (VANA), which is run via a partnership with FCB Group. Nick also led the ARA’s participation in the 2012 Award Review.

Nick has an enormous amount of experience in advising businesses, particularly in the services sector, on employment and industrial relations issues. He has particular expertise in:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
  • Enterprise agreement negotiations and NDT/BOOT compliance
  • Executive terminations and redundancies
  • Equal opportunity
  • Harassment
  • Management of ill and injured employees
  • Transmission of business
  • Underpayment of claims.

In his role at HR Assured, he is responsible for ensuring that the various services within the HR Assured package work together as a holistic and fully integrated workplace solution. In addition, he constantly checks that HR Assured’s service delivery standards match those of our parent company, FCB Group, which, over the last 20 years, has developed a reputation as the leading workplace services provider in Australia.

‘I would describe HR Assured as a complete compliance and support people management package that removes the worries associated with people management for Australian businesses. To put it another way, it gives businesses access to the information and tools that will enable them to make the right decisions about how to manage any workplace relations issue.’

‘The important thing for any business owner or manager is to be able to spend time growing their client or customer base. In fact, that is usually the reason they got into business in the first place. Unfortunately, however, someone having entrepreneurial flair doesn’t necessarily have a talent for, or skills in, managing people. In fact, they may struggle with that part of the job, even though it is a crucial part of ensuring the smooth running of any company. In all my roles, I’ve noticed a pattern that is pretty much universal. Business people sometimes have a tendency only to deal with employment issues when they become problematic and this can lead to issues further down the track.’

‘One of the most valuable aspects of HR Assured is its ability to take the angst out of managing employees. It ensures businesses can manage their employees efficiently, proactively and in a way that complies with Australian employment laws.’

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