HR Assured Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS) can be an absolute nightmare for organisations to manage. Your workers may be exposed to any number of risks on any given day, including physical injuries like sprains, broken bones and back injuries as well as physiological injuries like stress, anxiety and depression. There is no worse feeling as a manager than when someone is seriously injured at your workplace.

All businesses have a positive duty under the respective WHS legislation to ensure both the physical and mental health of their workers.

In order to avoid the criminal liability in the event of a workplace accident or incident, businesses must be able to demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure a safe work environment. This includes undertaking a process of risk management whereby workplace hazards are identified, as well as complying with all applicable WHS legislation and any specific regulations regarding safe work practices in your industry.

How HR Assured can help.

HR Assured can help you get proactive about Work, Health and Safety to protect you and your employees. Our comprehensive Work Health and Safety Audit gives you peace of mind by checking for compliance issues in your workplace, and leaves your business with recommendations that ensure your business leads the charge when it comes to WHS.

As part of FCB Group, HR Assured gives you over 25 years of experience working in all areas of employment law, FCB Group has seen it all. Discover how HR Assured can assist your business today through our comprehensive WHS audit, and advanced WHS management system.

HRA Audit Standalone

An HR Assured audit will identify risks and uncover threats resulting from incomplete, incorrect or missing processes which leave you exposed to penalties under the Work Health and Safety Act due to non-compliance.

Our report provides you with in depth analysis of compliance risk areas and areas of improvement in your business. Included in this report you will find our recommended changes to fix the problem area and improve overall safety and well-being in your workplace.

Finally, HR Assured WHS Audit offers peace of mind. After the audit process is complete, our recommendations are implemented and you are left with confidence that your policies, procedures and processes are not only compliant, but best practice.

What can I expect from an HR Assured audit?

An HR Assured WHS expert will personally attend upon the client’s premises and conduct the following:

  1. evaluation of site documentation to determine whether your business demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding/compliance with WHS legislation/regulations;
  2. determining if your systems/protocols provide practical systems and processes for managing WHS risks in the workplace in compliance with WHS legislation/regulations;
  3. a site assessment involving a “walk through review” to assess whether activities on site are being undertaken safely and in compliance with WHS legislation/regulations;
  4. identification of additional recommended best practice activities; and
  5. delivery of an audit report which outlines identified non-compliance, provides recommendations on how to address such issues.

Work Health and Safety Complete Cover Package

HRA Cloud – Our safety management system

As part of HR Assured’s full service package the Work Health and Safety management system comes complete within HRA Cloud , HR Assured’s complete Human Resources Information System (HRIS). This web-based HR support system provides you with access to information, advice and best practice guidance on all work health and safety and Australian employment law matters.

The Work Health and Safety Management module within HRA Cloud contains a number of tailored workflows that allow you to ‘Lead’, ‘Manage’, and ‘Engage’ on workplace health and safety to ensure compliance.

What are the benefits?

Content-Rich Storage

HRA Cloud provides an online storage space for organisational safety resources to be stored and accessed by managers and workers from anywhere. Our WHS module is content rich and pre-loaded with policies, templates and guides, or if it is your business’ documentation that has been uploaded, managers and workers can access the necessary information for contributing to proactive safety compliance.

Risk, Hazard and Incident Recording

Visible and interactive safety registers empower managers and workers to identify, report and track safety in the workplace regardless of location, free from the paper-based administration. The ability to connect and engage on safety with any internet connected device expands the capabilities for organisations regardless of dispersed teams and locations to stay on top of safety compliance through the visible, transparent and trackable nature of logged risk issues.

HR Assured’s intuitive ‘Lead’, ‘Manage’ and ‘Engage’ safety workflows will ensure your business is compliant from go to woe. From laying the foundations to prevent hazards to what-to-do when accidents can’t be avoided.

The ‘Lead Safety‘ workflows guide businesses through the steps to set up their Workplace, Health and Safety system, which includes the creation of organisational health and safety documentation, guides and policies.

The ‘Manage Safety‘ workflows guide businesses through operational safety management processes.  These processes include managing individual incidents and hazards as they are reported or identified, undertaking periodic risk register reviews, managing an employee’s return to work as a result of an injury, managing any required health monitoring and managing issue resolution processes.

The ‘Engage on Safety‘ workflows guide businesses through best practice workplace, health and safety inductions for their workers and assist businesses in consulting with workers and other PCBU’s (‘person conducting a business or undertaking’) on safety matters.

Telephone Advisory Service – 02 9083 0033

We are here to support you and your business with any work health and safety related matter and have a dedicated team of work health and safety experts available to advise on all safety matters.

We recognise your business does not stop at 5pm, meaning that HR Assured provides you with on-demand access to our team of work health and safety experts 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Click here to find out more about our telephone advisory service.

Insurance – We give you peace of mind through safety insurance

Name of Policy

Corporate Practices Protection Policy (Safety Insurance)



Who is covered

a)    (your business); and

b)    Current, former and future employees, partners, officers, directors.


a)    Penalties;

b)    Enforceable undertaking expenses;

c)     Legal costs; and

d)    Prosecution costs

Associated with a statutory liability claim arising from a statutory breach subject to the claim being received and raised within the term.

Defence Costs

Reasonable legal fees and expenses incurred by the Insured at the prior approval of the Insurer

Limit of Liability and Deductible

Limit of liability as per schedule (not provided), generally a $1,000 deductible which a few exceptions ($2,500 for transport and construction, and $5,000 for the mining industry).


a)    Subsidiaries at point of commencement of service;

b)    Companies acquired after the commencement of the service;

c)     Costs (including loss of earnings) of up to $1,000/day associated with the Insured assisting the Insurer;

d)    By paying an additional 25% the Insured can extend the reporting period by a further 90 day period after the expiration of the Term; and

e)    Outside directorships.


Indemnity will not extend to:

a)    Known circumstances which were known, threatened or intimated prior to the commencement of the policy;

b)    Fraudulent, reckless and willful acts;

c)     Punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages.;


The insured can request their own representative although there is no limit upon representative charges.