Renee Makoni

Head of Client Services

Renee Makoni began her career in the education sector. However, she soon transitioned into law, where she has worked both in a range of administrative roles and as a paralegal. In these roles, she has demonstrated her strong communication skills and ability to think strategically. Renee’s work has also involved conducting training and leadership programs for teams of senior and junior staff.

‘During my time in the legal industry, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients, ranging from individuals with personal injury claims, to CEOs from ASX 100 companies. Much of my work has been focused on ensuring that clients receive the best possible service. I view a client relationship as an on-going partnership with a view to maximise the value and return on investment for the client. My desire to improve the service I provide to clients in the legal industry led me to commence my law studies in 2010 through the Legal Profession Admission Board. I soon after joined FCB Group in 2011 to work closely with the Managing Partner and Solicitor Director, Campbell Fisher, in a senior administrative role.’

At HR Assured, Renee is the Head of Client Services; a critical role that is focused on client engagement and excellence in service delivery. When a client comes on board, Renee ensures they are receiving adequate support, so they can integrate HR Assured into their business as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Renee manages the Client Experience team who are responsible for educating clients about the various services that make up HR Assured. Renee is responsible for ensuring that HR Assured is delivering the best service possible to its clients. This involves listening to client feedback, gaining an understanding of their needs and delivering a solution to address those needs.

‘I believe HR Assured is an innovative workplace and people management solution. HR Assured offers an exceptional suite of products and services for businesses looking for ways to improve efficiency within their HR departments, get the best out of their people and ultimately empower the business for growth. HR Assured offers businesses incredible value for money because, as part of the package, you have access to expert advice whenever you need it; a complete workplace manager tool in the form of HRA Cloud; protection through our insurance component; and, if you find yourself faced with a claim, you have peace of mind because you will be represented by FCB Workplace Law, Australia’s leading specialist workplace relations law firm.’

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